Here at POS Options, we want to foster a community atmosphere to help everyone get the most out of today’s rapidly changing technology. And we mean everyone: merchants, POS dealers, payment
processors, and other industry professionals are always welcome to participate. Ideally, our collection of articles and video reviews will help people at every level learn the latest about the many options available on the market. It’s an exciting time for businesses everywhere as mobile point-of-sale is really starting to take off in a big way.

We plan to update content regularly, but it’s hard to really give an objective, absolute assessment to every product. How do you rank two separate systems — in two separate industry spaces
— and give them a number 1 through 10? Ultimately, software decisions always come down to the right fit for the given situation. That’s where you readers come through for us. Leave comments, post in the forums, tell us your experiences, make suggestions for new features — and that feedback will help us make this the one-stop, end-all-be-all knowledge base for new point-of-sale technology. Help us help you! With any luck, we’ll all shape this industry as it evolves from the great payment dinosaur of old into the sleek, agile beast that haunts our POS dreams.


With the surging Web Based POS options, Choosing a system can be complicated Task.

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