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Based on our research, here are the top three systems for each full service restaurants, fast casual restaurants and retail shops.

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Robert April 09, 2021 at 11:29:05 am

Absolutely almost 100% fantastic work by Square with this new Register that has a customer facing screen, and integrating with all already acquire Square hardware, such as Cash Draw, Epson Printer etc... almost 100%... unfortunately, as does with all aspects of humanity, the Square engineers made a critical error, and did not include Bluetooth for the scanner that we already have, nor did they even think of including a simple usb-mounted Bluetooth dongle as a work-around. The other failure is that once the new beautiful slick Register was installed, it wiped all previous price edits done a week ago, and reverted to the item prices of our cafe three weeks ago. The problem with not having a wireless scanner, is that it then disallows the operator from walking away from the POS to scan something... Reminds me of my handyman who once said "... ahhh, no matter, no one will notice that", referring to a timber cross-section he had just completed, which he mounted imperfect and not at 90 degrees. Later that month I wanted to add a 90 degree bracket to that section for something else, and then realized this was never going to happen, because a 90-dgree bracket will simply not fit in an 84-degree "corner". Always best to get it right the first time, and avoid "The perfect imperfect ripple effect" Better luck next time

In Response To: What do we think of the new Square Stand?

Tyler D June 17, 2019 at 08:26:08 am

I want to jump off a bridge every time I use this system. Stay away. So slow. Such a mistake. I tell everyone I know to save them self.

In Response To: Toast Point of Sale

Peter Waller March 25, 2019 at 10:36:21 pm

I began using Square when the base charge was 1.9% - nothing else to pay. It has crept up to what is now 2.75% plus a 15cent extra charge for keyed in payment - after quite a few years of use, I find I have given Square my fair share of $ and it is now time to move onto greener pastures with another company that is far better equipped in terms of what they charge. Bye bye Square

In Response To: Square Point of Sale

Will Nevrtel November 13, 2018 at 05:02:28 am

I was a reseller for Lavu for a number of years. You are better off with literally any other POS system. Not only do they treat their customers terrible, they treat their dealers equally as bad. They kicked their dealers to the curb to sell direct, people that helped to grow the company. The code is incredibly buggy and simple things like accepting a credit card will ruin your day when you can’t take a cc payment. The software is so buggy a majority of our customers continously have to reboot the iPad to get the app to work. Continous printer and harware connectivity problems. Customer service is quick to blame the customer’s network when there are any issues putting the burden on the customer when the software is garbage. Sales reports never match. Added features like inventory control, employee management, online ordering, and delivery are all half-baked. Features get added but it’s always lite and never does what the customer expects. With constant outages and DoS attacks on their servers and with an offline mode that is completely useless, do yourself a favor and spend the money to get a real POS system, especially if you have a busy restaurant or bar. You will hate your life if you puchase Lavu, trust me. I could go on all day with all the issues, they have more problems than a math book. I fired Lavu and started supporting a real POS company and have never looked back. I’m posting this to hopefully help someone not make the mistake of buying this system.

In Response To: Lavu Point of Sale

Dennis Avery August 14, 2018 at 06:35:25 pm

Lavu is literately a POS.....we so regret the day we decided to use this product.......hasnt worked properly since we started using it and customer service is useless..........

In Response To: Lavu Point of Sale

Billy W. July 20, 2018 at 03:11:27 pm

Lavu is the worst P.O.S. platform available. I am a former employee and I resigned because of the misleading and outright lying that I was expected to do. Customer service is deplorable. In fact, our inside joke was just how terrible after-sale service was. I was in sales for a decent stretch and I experienced a 50% cancellation rate. I have a strong restaurant background and I understand the needs of a small restaurant owner. Lavu is a TERRIBLE option. You will almost certainly regret the purchase.

In Response To: Lavu Point of Sale

Martyn Hagon July 18, 2018 at 05:15:58 pm

I took on the whole package from clover, mobile credit card machine & printer and when I opened my shop then the clovers station and mini for processing card paymemts! The biggest mistake I ever made, £60.00 set up charge which I wasn’t told about £69.99 per + 25% VAT as they are Ireland based, no support, nothing, paid this for 2 years and now out of contract and they want £250.00+ VAT for me to come out of it for restocking and formatting their equipment! Not happy at all with this, if I could crack the system some how I would put on a different pos and keep the equipment.

In Response To: Clover Point of Sale

Tony Konecne July 08, 2018 at 05:05:00 pm

I researched Toast very thoroughly and went through many hours of Q&A with the sales team. I feel duped. I should have dug deeper and gotten more personal feedback from current users. The platform has certain features that are very good, but not enough to outweigh all of the bad. Hands down the worst part of it is their service and support after the sale. If I ever get through to support, they typically have to call me back with a solution...which never happens. My account "manager" responds to every communication with regurgitated boiler plate BS and has yet to solve any of my issues. We have frequent issues with our card readers, and our warranty period is up in November. They won't replace the crap readers with the newer upgrades. You don't get nearly the functionality and ease of use on the back end that you pay for. The reporting features are weak at best. The inventory module is terrible. They claim you can use the tablets to do inventory...which is true, but it takes 4x longer to do it that way because you can't select the fields to enter the numbers and then when you do, often times the quantities change. My account "manager" replied to my complaints about this with "Our inventory module may not be as robust as you need, maybe you could add on one of our partner software companies." For another $500 a month. No thanks. Short story: Run from Toast and never look back. I regret the move every single day.

In Response To: Toast Point of Sale

Duane Reeder July 02, 2018 at 05:09:55 pm

After purchasing LAVU in April of 2018 and spending over $8,000, three months have gone by and the LAVU system is still inoperable. It's some of the worst customer service I've seen and that's if you can even get a response from someone. LAVU is a VERY poor choice if you're looking for a POS system and I do not recommend purchasing.

In Response To: Lavu Point of Sale

Linnie June 29, 2018 at 03:03:48 am

It works quite well for me

In Response To: Revel Point of Sale

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